We are looking for plumbers on 2 long term building projects of big apartment flats that are being built from basics.

Job description: installation of water, heating and sewage distribution system.

Long term job. The date of the end of project is expected to be December 2019. Locality of projects: close to Amsterdam and Arnhem. Working with diverse of materials from first installation of waste and water to finishing bathroom and kitchen works (shower, radiators and kitchen installation, etc.) 

Dutch employment contract 
- salary 520-570 Euro netto/week/40 hours (it depends on your praxis, knowledge of language)
- holiday cca. 110 Euro monthly
- healthcare allowance 70 Euro monthly
- per month cca. 2500-2650 euro netto
- 5 weeks turns/1 week off

For self-employed
- 18-22 euro/hour – depends on praxis, skills and knowledge of language
- weekly invoice
- monthly maturity
- accommodation free

- accommodation included and free
- health insurance
- sickness-, social-, retirement- and others needed taxes are included
- possibility to get childcare benefits and child benefits
- contact person and hotline in Netherland



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